LEARN is a network of colleges and universities supporting Human Resource Departments across the state of Colorado.  LEARN will bring a one stop shop educational fair to your front door, informing your employees on how they can best use their benefits to improve individually while strengthening your organization as a whole.   

Our large diverse consortium of colleges and universities offering Certificates, Associate, Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate degrees will come to your organization and set up an Educational Fair.  Your employees will find all the information and resources they need to advance their careers through education and become future leaders in your company.  


LEARN’s Vision

The Local Education Adult Resource Network is dedicated to being a resource for degree completion in the Adult Learning Community in the state of Colorado.   

LEARN’s Values

Continued Education 


Diversity and Inclusion






LEARN’s Mission 

The mission of LEARN is to encourage continued Adult Learning by providing educational opportunities, creating and sustaining partnerships across diverse sectors, being aware of students needs through ongoing  assessment, advocacy in the community and maintaining open accurate communication lines.


PO Box 40508
Denver, CO 80204


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